Papers and other works


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  • M. D’Abbicco, S. Lucente,
    A modified test function method for damped waves
    Advanced Nonlinear Studies 13 (2013), 867-892.
  • S. Katayama, H. Kubo, S. Lucente,
    Almost global existence for exterior Neumann problems of semilinear wave equations in 2D
    Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis \bf 12 \rm (2013), 2331-2360.
  • M. D’Abbicco, S. Lucente, M. Reissig,
    Semilinear wave equations with effectice damping,
    Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B 34 (2013), 345-380.
  • S.Lucente, E. Montefusco
    Non-hamiltonian Schrödinger Systems
    DCDS-Serie S \bf 6 \rm (2013) 671-670.
  • L. Fanelli, S. Lucente, E.Montefusco
    Semilinear Hamiltonian Schrödinger Systems 
    IJDSDE 3, (2011), 401-422.
  • M. D’Abbicco, S. Lucente, G. Taglialatela
    Lp-Lq estimates for regularly hyperbolic systems
    Advances in Differential Equations 14, (2009), 801-834.
    Errata Advances in Differential Equations 16, (2011), 199-200.
  • V. Georgiev, S. Lucente
    Nonlinear multiplicative inequalities in Sobolev spaces associated with Lie algebras

    Nonlinear Anal., Theory Methods Appl. 70, (2009), 1574-1609.
  • H. Kubo, S. Lucente,
    Mixed Strichartz Estimates for Klein-Gordon Equation with Potential,
    Tsukuba J. Math 31, (2007), 143-173.
  • S. Lucente,
    On a class of semilinear weakly hyperbolic equations,
    Annali dell’Università di Ferrara, Sec VII Sci.Math. Vol LII, N.2, (2006), 317-335.
  • V. Georgiev, S. Lucente,
    Decay for Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation,
    NoDEA Vol. 11, N. 4, (2004), 529-555.

    L. Fanelli, S. Lucente

    The critical case for a semilinear weakly hyperbolic equation,
    Electron. J. Diff. Eqns., Vol. 2004, (2004), No. 101, 1-13. 
  • V. Georgiev, S. Lucente, G. Ziliotti,
    L2-L°° estimates for hyperbolic systems,
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  • L. D’Ambrosio, S. Lucente
    Nonlinear Liouville Theorems for Grushin and Tricomi Operators
    Journal of Differential Equations 193,  (2003), 511-541.
  • S. Lucente, G. Ziliotti ,
    Pseudo-differential Equation Applied to Nonlinear Systems of Crystal Optics,
    Partial differential equations (Torino, 2000), 83-100, Univ. Torino, Turin, 2000.
  • S. Lucente, G. Ziliotti ,
    Global existence for a quasilinear Maxwell system,
    Rend. Istit. Mat. Univ. Trieste 31 (2000), suppl. 2, 169-187.
  • S. Lucente,
    Nonlinear Wave Equation with Potential,
    Tsukuba J. Math. 24 (2000),  81-107.
  • S. Lucente, G. Ziliotti
    A decay estimate for a class of hyperbolic pseudo-differential equations,
    Atti Accad. Naz. Lincei Cl. Sci. Fis. Mat. Natur. Rend. Lincei Math. Appl. 10 (1999), 173-190.
    Here there is a revised version
  • S. Lucente,
    Nonlinear Wave Equation with Vanishing Potential,
    Serdica Math. J. , 25 (1999), 71-82.


  • M. D’Abbicco, S. Lucente, G. Taglialatela
    Some Lp-Lq estimates for hyperbolic systems
    Proceedings of the 7th International ISAAC Congress
    Imperial College London, UK, 13- 18 July 2009, World Scientific 2010, 325-331
  • H. Kubo, S. Lucente
    A note on Klein-Gordon equation with potential
    Proceeding of 29th International Summer School AMEE
    Application of mathematics in engineering and economics, 87–92, Bulvest 2000, Sofia, 2004.
  • S. Lucente,
    Pseudo-differential equations and hyperbolic systems
    Lecture Notes of Seminario Interdisciplinare di Matematica. Vol 2 (2003), 87-100
  • S. Lucente
    Teoremi di esistenza globale per equazioni semilineari di tipo onda,
    an italian survey of the Ph.D. Thesis,
    Bollettino della Unione Matematica Italiana, Serie A. Serie VIII. III-A (2000),  363-366.
  • V. Georgiev, S. Lucente,
    Weighted Sobolev Spaces applied to Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation,
    C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Sér. I Math. , 329 (1999), 21-26

Ph. D. Thesis

  • Global existence theory for semilinear wave-type equations.
    preprint Dipartimento di Matematica Università di Pisa, (2000) .


  • M. D’Abbicco, S. Lucente, M.Reissig 
    A special case of semilinear wave equation with scale invariant damping term,
    Rapporto del Dipartimento di Matematica Università di Bari 2013
  • S. Lucente,   
    Weighted Inequalities in Besov Spaces
    Rapporto del Dipartimento Interuniversitario di Matematica, Università degli studi-Politecnico di Bari, (1998). 

Editor for

  • International Minicourse-Workshop “Interplay Between C0-semigroups and PDEs, theory and Applications” September 22-26 2003,
    Edited by Silvia Romanelli, Rosa Maria Mininni, Sandra Lucente, Aracne Editore Roma 2004